Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SF Tourist Day, Pt. 2

Here are the rest of the photos of me and Sonja's SF tourist day date! Lots and lots of photos from the Musée!!!

Visitors Always Welcome.

Auto Race

Sonja, Auto Race

Sonja, Wizard Man

Your Fortune and Weigth

effffffffff that thing

Side Show

Olympics Pinball

Sonja, and a mini-band in a box

For Men / Women

Test Your Love

How Hot Are You

Relieves Tired Aching Feet

The Captain of your Fate

Sonja's fate??


Musee Mecanique photo booth
. . .

Unfortunately one of my favorite games to look at was out of order, a woodland animal shoot 'em up type thing that's really hard to play - but the bunnies and foxes are so cute it totally doesn't matter. One of the nicest parts about of all the places we visited was that everything was free! Well, besides our burgers and fries... and the games we played at the Musée... But even so, most of the games are only 1-2 quarters, and there's so many people putting quarters into different machines you can totally stand off to the side and watch and then use your quarters on the really good stuff, like pinball!

If you're interested in visiting the Musée and plan on using the photobooth, my only advice is to make sure you set aside some of your dollar bills before cashing them in for quarters, there's 2 film booths and they don't take quarters! (It's $3 per strip of 4 photos)


Away with the fairy's said...

Love these! the one on the scales is my favourite :P


Anonymous said...

Great photos as usual! Gosh, I love antique-y looking things. You've also really made me miss the photobooths my friends and I used to always visit overseas.

anabela / fieldguided said...

Daaaaaaamn. This place is DELIGHTFUL!

Allie said...

Next time I go to SF, I have to visit that!

Camille said...

What did Sonja get in the 'Captain of your fate' game? The Musée really looks like a fantastic place, it makes me want to visit SF even more!

Ashley and Elaine said...

Oh my! These photos are so wonderful! I need to visit this place!

the snail and the cyclops said...

Camille, Sonja ended up getting Radio Artist! haha

Caroline said...

How much fun!!!!

Melissa Righero said...

That used to be my happy spot when I lived in the city. Pullin' on my heart strings here.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

what an exciting place to go to!

Rosaspina Vintage said...

I miss SF so bad! I went there three years ago and it stole my heart as I set foot on it.

Motherhood bites said...

Great pics!! IT seem that you had a very good a funny time!

Honor said...

Those machines with the people inside always used to scare me. Not a lot has changed mind


Alexandra said...

Looks like you had so much fun ! I'd love to try those machines!

alexandra @

b. said...

Looks like such a great day ! Makes me want to go back to San Francisco right now :)

alexandra grecco said...

such lovely photos, dear!



Marcheline said...

So..... what happened to picture #4 in your strip?

(Thought we wouldn't notice, did ya?)

Dr Max Rosa said...

What kind of camera did you shoot these photos with?

the snail and the cyclops said...

Marcheline - awh, you're funny - the first photo's exposure was off! it was so dark in comparison to the other photos - our hair must have confused it!

Dr Max Rosa - I have cannon dslr

bunny said...

those photobooth photos are so cute:) x

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Aaaah one of my favorite places ever!

Luise said...

wow, this looks like my dreamplace!!!
i'd love to go there some day, but berlin is a bit far away, so for now: thank you for sharing these wonderful photographs ♥

TheTravelAngel said...

I was completely taken back by the awesomeness of this place. I guess someone decided it was a good idea to store all these old coin-operated games and what-have-you's in one place and let the public come by and see the history of past mechanical entertainment right up to current video games.

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