Monday, November 30, 2009

... But in the mean time

This is what I'm wearing today!

november 30th

sailor knit sweater: the greedy seagull - it's really the best! this photo doesn't capture even a quarter of the loveliness!
silk scarf: la rosa
necklace: flea
leather belts: Bobby from Boston
wool pencil skirt: Cafe Society
argyle tights: tj maxx like seven thousand years ago
suede 60s oxford bootie type things: Bobby from Boston
crocheted handbag: Bobby from Boston


East and West Findings

Over the past week or so I've unearthed some of the most wonderful things from some of my favorite places. Massachusetts and California - you've both been good to me!

Where to begin!? Well, we'll back it up and start with Massachusetts finds.
Sigh. Deep breath. Okay.
Well, I was lucky enough to visit one of my favorite stores in the entire universe (the other unfortunately, was closed) and came 'outta there with some of the verrrry best things. Two 30s/40s era carved necklaces, a perfect 60s holiday party dress, the best floral fabric, a perfect floral pattern hat box, and and - well. the BEST hat to ever exist. Ever. Seriously.

The world's best hat, ever!

I found it by chance. I was more interested in the hat box it was in.. so, as I was pulling the hats out of the box I found thissss guy tucked in the bottom.


Perfect colors. Perfectly faded soft felt. Perfect velvet circly things. Perfect striped grosgrain ribbon. In my fashion history book, it might go down as one of the seven wonders. Millineries out there: COPY THIS HAT!!!! I'm giving you an open invitation!

. . .

This is one of the necklaces I got - carved ceulluloid has been my latest obsession!!! You'll get to see the other necklace in a separate post on my antique jewelry collection! That'll be in a few weeks, there's a few pieces I want to acquire in the mean time!

1930s/1940s Carved Ceulluloid necklace

. . .

This chair was waiting for me in California. One of my boyfriend's flea market acquisitions!!!


. . .

A darling little 1920s notebook I actually bought a month ago, but the colors are so perfect I had to include it in this post!

1920s era notebook

. . .

Needlepoint pillows picked up at yesterday's flea. The man selling them said they were from 1880, but I'm no needlepoint expert so I haven't the slightest. I believe they could be that old judging by the way they make me sneeze every time you move them!

1880's (?) Needlepoint Pillows

. . .

And then.. there's this. I found this totally by chance at Wasteland and I can't even believe it exists, fits, and is in such amazing shape for its age! Pink silk accordion pleats, lace!! Not a machine stitch to be seen and barely a thing wrong with it!


I have another post ready with all the different outfits I've already conjured up with this blouse - but, I don't want to overwhelm the internet today! See you tomorrow!


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Today's Inspiration: 1920s Logos

I meant to do this post two weeks ago - but things just got away from me, so here we are now!!
A few days before I flitzed off on vacation I spent a really nice, leisurely day flipping through this lovely book!!

I took a few photos of some of my favorite images, but stopped mid way through - it was getting to be too many pictures!!! The bulk of them are on my flickr and I know, I know - the image quality is somewhat horrific. Someday I'll have it properly scanned - but in the mean time, here's a nice little sneak!!

. . .


. . .


. . .


. . .


. . .


. . .


. . .


. . .


. . .


. . .


. . .



Friday, November 20, 2009

Jeff Allen and the Harvest Series

I'm a lucky gal. Well, first off because I'm currently on a tropical beach vacation with family which has been filled with lots of ocean waves and silly frozen drinks... But, also because I have two of the very best friends in the entire world, and I'm really excited for both of them right now!!!

This past summer, Alice and I found an arm load of beautiful apple bags from a crazy man selling amazing things. (This was the guy selling that lovely dress form I left behind!)

Well, Alice has worked a little bit of that magic of hers and turned the bags into such amazing things and I wish I could have the entire collection! She enlisted two very dear friends and Jeff to snap the pictures and they're so, so lovely I wish I could have been there with them stomping around through that field!

Please make sure you take a peak at Alice's shop, and take a look at Jeff's photos - I'm so happy to have both of them in my life and so dang proud of everything they've accomplished. The best part is I know there's still so much to come!!!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Peach, Plum, Pear

Fruit felt applique!

A new dress! Picked up on Sunday at the flea market. And it almost didn't come home with me. It was only $10, which I know is very reasonable for flea market dresses. But, there are a few stains and a few holes and a nylon zipper! (I don't like nylon zippers, not even a little bit) and I'm trying to be careful with what I buy these days ... and well, I almost walked away. Then a voice of reason starting chirping. And I realized I'd be a damn fool to leave it behind!

To take a sneak at the details, click here!!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

A world of my own

Yesterday was a grey, rainy day - much better for staying indoors then trekking across the city to walk around looking into shops - so I stayed home and worked on cleaning... The main focus- my closet ... which was... a disaster. A mish mosh of cotton sundresses and winter wools all heaped up in a pile. I lugged what might have been 100 lbs of clothing back to California last month and it's just been sitting around.

Specimen A.

Dirty Secrets

Yes. I'm embarrassed to be showing that. But, it's real. Actually I might have moved some of the clothing off the floor onto the pile for the picture so I wouldn't be so ashamed at how rats nesty that closet got.

BUT! Check out Specimen B !

Sweaters are folded and stacked by color!



And the clothing is off the floor! (actually, I lie - there's still a small pile that I'm not sure what to do with because I have no space to fit a single hanger on that rack - not even if I really try)

And I finally got around to putting up my grandmother's sewing samples!


Oh, and that pretty crocheted flower light pull - I picked that up at that lovely store I went to on Wednesday. It's so sweet, there's a little thimble inside the flower to keep its shape!

OH! And don't fret, I'm dragging my boyfriend to that lovely shop today! The sun is shining and the photos will come out much nicer!! You'll see!


Thursday, November 5, 2009

I've been running around all day like a crazy nut. But if anyone is actually awake right now - the shop is updated! It's much later then I was hoping, but I spent a good portion of my afternoon inside one of the most beautifulllllll stores ever!!! The above picture is a little tiny sneak! My camera batteries died and it was getting dark, but don't you fret - I'll be going back on Friday to get some more photos to share!

(and yes, that's a beautiful antique sink filled with Victorian die cuts and old glass bottles and a sea fan - couldn't you just melt!?)


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