Thursday, October 30, 2008

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

z is for zebra

z is for zebra

I really do love the idea of Halloween- books holding special powers, magical elixers, black cats and full moons, and even the possibility of stumbling upon secret hidden curiosity shops. Of course every Halloween ends up being a little bit less then enchanting, but I think this year I'll try and put a little more effort into enjoying the evening. The above photostrip is my first attempt at participating in the festivites - next up, conjuring some sort of costume so that I don't have to fall back to good 'ol plan B again (the same silly mouse costume I stitched up a few years ago)

PS As I was typing this post my roommate was messing around with a little harmonium on our dining room table. I made him record a spooktacular sound clip for all to enjoy!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Holy Land and Thirteen Eighty-Five

Holy Land - Autumn 2008

Holy Land - Autumn 2008

Holy Land - Autumn 2008

Holy Land - Autumn 2008

Holy Land - Autumn 2008

The website is finished (although it needs a few minor changes here and there) but I can finally post the photos we've been working on!! This is just a few pictures, to see the entire thing - go to the website!!

If you're wondering the location on this, some of the photos were shot at Holy Land, an abandoned religious theme park in Waterbury, CT. The rest were shot at the bear cages in Franklin Park. I wanted to capture that carefree, late afternoon, Indian Summer feeling with this collection, and I thought these strange abandoned parks would be the perfect place! The dresses have that warm autumn feel to them, and are perfect as they are or underneath scarves and little jackets.

So, from here on out Thirteen Eighty-Five will be hawkin' it's wares through different themed collections. One of my best buds in the entire world, Jeff Allen will be taking the fancy editorial style photos for us and everything you'll see in the photos will be for sale!!!

I wanted to start doing it like this for a few reasons - it's easier for me to have a theme in mind so I don't go crazy when I'm out shopping for the store. Unfortunately, I can't sell clothing full time - so I do this when I have a free afternoon (or when I start running out of room in my house!) Selling clothing in separate collections makes it easier for me to prepare little by little for it, rather than everything all at once! And also, I just have a hard time letting go of some things!!! Taking pretty photos of the dresses with Jeff is going to be a really good way to help me let go of those pack rat tendencies. It's hard for me to find a dress I think is really wonderful and not want to do more with it before I send it on it's way to another home. So, it'll be fun scheming up locations and ideas for new shoots. I already have the next two ideas pretty well thought out, and I'm excited to see how they'll turn out! It's going to be fun to play dress up but not feel too guilty for keeping all the clothing!!!

PS The ebay listings aren't up yet. They're in the works though. And I'll be sure to let everyone know when they're ready!

PPS I know this is totally hypocritical of everything I just mentioned, but I might be doing a one week long etsy market sale from the Baked Fresh leftovers. I'm not sure yet, but I'll keep everyone posted on that too!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Baked Fresh!

I'm still sort of recuperating from Baked Fresh. It was such a long but fun day and the lovely folks who put it on did such an amazing job with finding sponsors, great vendors, and making sure lots of people came to shop around!!

When I was shopping on ebay for a tent I saw this silly yellow thing and knew it had to be that one! It was a really grey cold day but when you were in the tent there was this lovely yellowy glow on everything. I guess that's probably not the best thing to have when shopping - but I certainly didn't mind being in there all day!

I still have a lot of clothing left over, so hopefully there will be another Mass Market at Mass Art or maybe I'll lug that tent out again and do a SOWA market before the season is over!

PS If you see something that sparks your interest or you saw something at the market you liked and didn't buy - let me know! I'll check and see if I still have it and send pics/more specifics your way!

PPS click that picture for a bigger version with better details!


long weekend!

This outfit was from yesterday - which was a really wonderful day. Sunny and warm enough for NO tights!! I'm trying my best to hold onto the last bits of warm weather before I'll be trapped under layers and layers of clothing for the next 6 months.
The farmers market was also setup near work and I took home lots of sunflowers, some dried lavender, tea that smells soo wonderful I'd rather not drink and instead make sachets with old hankies, a pumpkin shaped sugar cookie and I also enjoyed a glass of herbal lemonade on a park bench with lots of silly pigeons. We later met up with Emma and her boyfriend Vinney for some sushi and silly candy shopping. My boyfriend purchased the most amazing mens fashion magazine from Japan and his nose was stuck to it all night!! I have to admit, it's about 5 million times better then any American fashion magazine I've ever seen!

Today is another warm day and it also happens to be a weekend I've been waiting all year for - HONK FEST! Honk Fest is basically a two day festival for brass marching bands and it is SO fun! Last year we only saw the end of the parade and caught What Cheer Brigade's performance in Harvard Square, but walking around the square with all the marching bands resting under trees and playing music in their little groups - it was the closest thing I could think of to a dreamy gypsy musician lifestyle.

Anyway, if you live in Boston - GO! I promise it will be fun and impossible not to enjoy!


Friday, October 10, 2008

can't wait!

Jeff sent over a big fat email with the scans from our shoot and I am wayy too excited to share! I'm supposed to wait until everything is ready to update (ebay/the website) .. but I can't wait and I have to share something! I decided to use a different version of this photo for the final thing, so I decided its okay to post this one for now!!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008


yayayay! the mysterious 1385 project I've been hinting around is finally almost ready! Jeff is working on scanning the polaroids as we speak and I'm hoping that by the end of the week this will be all ready to go! Last week's weather was terrible, which is why this got pushed off until now. Today was a warm sunny day and I only had goosebumps toward the end of the afternoon - which is good because we've all been bundled under jackets and scarves these past few days!!

Baked Fresh was wonderful too - I was soo exhausted afterwards though - and I'm still recovering - our house is still recovering! I'll post pictures soon though, I promise!


Saturday, October 4, 2008

the arboretum

This morning instead of doing the zillion and one things I'm supposed to do for Baked Fresh I decided to go run around the Arboretum. It was totally worth it because it was a perfect fall morning. It seems like the first sunny day in a while. This week has been grey and dreary. I actually did go with a purpose, I went to try and find more of these funny things..

Which sadly aren't ready for plucking yet (once it gets cold and frozen I'll be in luck!) I don't know what type of plant they are, but I found them by one of the ponds and it's strange because they're dead at the ends, where it looks like the flower - but the stems are still green. I wonder what they look like when the flower is actually alive. Is anyone familiar?

On our way into the Arboretum we were greeted by these lovelies flowers and it seemed like everywhere we went the sun was peeking through the trees in just the right way and made all of our pictures look so pretty! I wish that sunny warm days like today would stay forever!

Heather from it 'aint me, babe tagged me to list my 4's - usually I'm atrocious with these things, but I'm still procrastinating....

4 things I did today:
- buy a fancy gold Fisher Space Pen at Bob Slate, the best 'ol timey stationary store in Cambridge
- Visit A Good Yarn in Brookline Village and pick up some soft grey tweed yarn to knit a scarf for my boyfriend
- Went to Cafe Society where I purchased some fabric for the canopy in my room and a cute little 50's pink and black metal stool that I plan on using tomorrow at the market
- Went to Anthropologie and purchased a new fall coat which I can't wait to wear tomorrow! Also, can I just say: Anythopologie, you make me so mad with your beautiful antique displays that I'll never have and share the same price tag as a new car!

4 things on my to do list:
- Get my act together for Baked Fresh, TOMORROW (it's 9:30 PM and I still have a LOT to do)
- Really and truly organize my bedroom and workspace and fill them both with pretty plants and terariums
- Send out all the packages that are waiting to be finished and sent to Meggy, Marcine, Rhiannon, and Kaori. Girls, once Baked Fresh is over I promise they'll be on their way!
- Visit New York and spend my gift certificate at Lyell

4 of my guiltiest pleasures:
- Eating candy right before bedtime
- Cleaning the little dirt things from dog's and cat's eyes (I know this is gross, but how else will they get out of there?)
- Terrible cheesy girl movies (ones with Meg Ryan are best)
- Sesame tofu and vegetable fried rice from my favorite neighborhood Chinese food place ... I'm eating it now actually!

4 random facts about me:
- My real name is Francesca! Effie came about a few years ago when a friend was introducing me and couldn't decide on what name/nickname to give. She rattled off all of the common nicknames my family and friends have given me along the years (Frankie, Frank, F-Checks, French, Frenchka etc. etc. etc.) and then we decided that I could go by anything that starts with the letter F and so - Effie was born!
- I have a little grey dot on my left knee from kneeling on a piece of mechanical pencil lead when I was little
- I grew up on Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg
- When I was in high school I started up my own little non-profit thrift store. I ran it on the weekends and sometimes after school! The best part was when the older ladies and gents would bring in donations! Always the best things!!!

4 bloggers that I am tagging:
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