Sunday, February 27, 2011

Me 'n My Girl

That Mane

I'll make this short because there's still so much sunshine left in the day - but, it's been a really nice few days having Alice here. I love slummin' around town with her and eating treats and pawing around nice old things.
It's going to be so sad to send her back to the East Coast tomorrow night ...

Forest at Tartine


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1385 Updates









Lomo shots of Ashley around her pretty apartment building, and some filler shots of SF I had to take to finish the roll. She's wearing the rest of the 1385 blouses I mentioned in my previous post. As soon as I find my camera cord those will be on etsy. There's some really pretty detailing on the blouses that got blurred out by the film - the pink and white blouses are especially nice!!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Thirteen Eighty-Five at 1385

I've been wanting to take photos at my grandmother's house for a very, very long time - my grandmother passed away almost 3 years ago and the house has been empty ever since. I've talked to Jeff about doing a photo project there - but I think I've been too overwhelmed by wanting to find clothing that was special enough.. My parent's are working towards cleaning/renting it out and I knew it was basically now or never. These simple 80s silk blouses are somewhat of a departure from the normal shop stock, but it's nice to do something a bit different. And simple is good, especially when it involves silk - and my best bud and his beautiful new 5d Mark II.


2311_francesca_gram house_012



1385 - Barbie Stripe Shirt

1385 - Grey Linen Geometic Shirt

1385 - Grey Linen Geometic Shirt

Strawberry Towel Rack

1385 - Silk Red V-Neck Shirt

1385 - Silk Red V-Neck Shirt

1385 - Silk Gem Toned Stripe Shirt

1385 - Silk Crew Neck Blouse

Tapestry Chair

1385 - Black Silk Sack Dress

1385 - Black Silk Sack Dress

1385 - Silk Pintuck Tie Neck Shirt

1385 - Silk Polka Dot Shirt

1385 - Silk Polka Dot Shirt

1385 - Purple Ruffle Neck Blouse

Jeff and I ran out of light as the afternoon dwindled away - there were more blouses and rooms to photograph. Luckily Ashley is helping me with the blouses tomorrow, and I plan on dragging Jeff back in March to photograph the rooms we couldn't get to.
All of these will be trickling into the shop throughout the day.



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Happy Valentine's Day to all you sweet boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, and fur friends!
I found this funny little Valentine with Alice at one of my favorite NH antique malls!! I wish every card ever made had mechanical (or pop up) abilities!

Oh, and a very Happy Birthday to my dear old Dad! That's him and my mum in the early 70s - 37 years later and those birds are still married!

mum and dad


Friday, February 11, 2011


A few scenes and some of the special things I squirreled away for myself at my grandmother's house.

floral curtains

plastic roses

Souvenir of N.J. Aquarium

late 30s floral smock coat

floral box


Dairy Products by Choiniere

Alphabet Box

Ghost chair

A floral china set, my favorite curtains in my favorite room. A set of plastic red roses - also in my favorite room. An old summer vacation souvenir from the N.J. Aquarium - there's a tiny light bulb hidden behind the shell but the chord is in crumbles. The oldest piece of clothing I've found in my grandmother's house (which is surprising because she seemingly saved everything) a late 1930s smock coat, it's filthy and needs to be mended in more places then I can count - but I can't wait to wear this with my Lyell shorts come summer time. A nice floral paper box, that used to hold manicure supplies. A stash of dairy cups hidden inside a cabinet that probably hadn't been opened in a very long time. A box of metal letters I asked my grandmother for about 5 years ago, but for some reason she was emotionally attached to them and in her crazy old lady ways, hid them in her house - I've been searching ever since and finally, finally found it tucked away in the basement. And a favorite tapestry covered chair that's tucked away in the basement and is taking on ghost qualities due to my unsteady hand.

I helped my mum start an etsy shop selling some of the things we've pulled out of there - you can find it here - and I plan on adding more things in March when I go back!


Thursday, February 10, 2011


I'm back in San Francisco, if only for a mere month - and then I'm heading back to Massachusetts again. Cleaning out my grandmother's house turned out to be more overwhelming then I could have imagined. Basically, no matter how many times I think I've uncovered all that there is to be uncovered, I manage to find more stuff I can't let anyone else have. On the next trip I'm going to have to find myself a storage unit for all the furniture and boxes... maybe two? Shoot, could even be three... I have some photos to share of some of this trip's favorite finds...

death sticks

The weather will hopefully be a teeny bit warmer in MA come March - but I'm sure Spring will still be taking it's merry little time to show up - most likely my suitcase will have the same things that I brought in January....

The very best winter socks I've ever owned. Picked up at Department 17, a new men's shop that's a close walk from my apartment. I seriously wore these socks every day without washing them for 2 weeks. I guess that's probably gross, but I couldn't bear to take them off my feet, which are habitually cold - bad circulation...


These shearling lined Bean Boots I picked up at the L.L. Bean outlet store were a life saver. I have a pair of Sorels that are perfect for snow storms - but on days when the snow has been shoveled and you're just running out to the car - they're perfect. Also pretty nice duo with those Woolrich socks.

. .

This sweater - one of the great loves of my life. Found in my grandmother's house when I was in high school. It has a nice floppy collar and pockets with the nicest wooden buttons (which have mostly fallen off at this point). It's acrylic, which normally I try to stay away from - but it's so thick and soft and machine washable and I don't even mind.


most favorite sweater
. .

This 70s plaid flannel shirt from La Meow Vintage was on my back for 3 days straight, including sleeps too. So soft/warm.

. .

A St. James Shirt which is perfect for layering with warm undershirts, a red scarf I knitted a few months back, and mittens from J.Crew I might have demolished while attempting to shovel my parent's roof, erh and that day my mom and I were cleaning out my grandmother's attic and there was no oil in the boiler...

winter layers
. .


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