Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1385 Updates









Lomo shots of Ashley around her pretty apartment building, and some filler shots of SF I had to take to finish the roll. She's wearing the rest of the 1385 blouses I mentioned in my previous post. As soon as I find my camera cord those will be on etsy. There's some really pretty detailing on the blouses that got blurred out by the film - the pink and white blouses are especially nice!!


Miss Tami Lee said...

That first look is really great Simple yet stunnin

erin jane / atlantictreefox said...

beautiful photos!

CoCoon said...

That black and white blouse makes my heart melt. Heading over to the Etsy shop now!
Lovely photos. The wind in the hair is a gorgeous touch!

Lexie said...

these pictures are so beautiful!

Unknown said...

Lovely, lovely shots! Very cool location as well! xxxxxx


Natasha said...

That's a beautiful blouse, love the colour and the style. You got some great photos. xxx

Anonymous said...

my gosh, i was convinced that that was you and that you'd dyed your hair brown! the blouses look lovely, and you and ashley look like twins!

Laura said...

amazing pictures!!!


Unknown said...

So pretty! I especially love the first picture!

Annalise said...

I love these pictures and that you and Ashley are working together for each others shops. Cute!

Carolyn said...

i love the dreamy vintage feel of these photos..

Rosaspina Vintage said...

These shots of Ashley are adorable! Lovely clothes as always, look forward to see them in the shop :)

Marcheline said...

Egads, is that your twin sister? She's got your face, your hairstyle, your build... and your clothes! Eeeeeeerie!

Piia said...

I love the ones with wind messing up the hair..:) And adore the simple style!

I have organized a little giveaway in my blog, go check it out!


Neus said...

The "white" blouse is simply perfect!! I love the photos!

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