Monday, January 24, 2011

Shop stuff and a Flea Market Sale

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I leave tomorrow night for a 2 week East Coast arctic tundra winter wonderland getaway. I'll be spending my days hanging with my sweet baby nephew Landon who was born this morning!!, helping my parent's clean out my grandmother's house, making Jeff help me with 1385 shop photos, dragging Alice to antique stores, drinking as much Honey Dew iced coffee as I possibly can, and most likely cursing my cold bones since it's been in the mid to high 60s here for the past week and I've happily gotten used to California winter.

So, I wanted to do a little update on what's going on with 1385 and Libris Lunaria while I'm away - any orders placed tomorrow before 2:00 PM Pacific will be shipped before I leave. I'm leaving both shops open while I'm away but won't be able to ship until 2/10

The Libris Lunaria shop is having a sale on the antique floral lithos - It's supposed to end today, but we might as well keep it going until tomorrow!

1385 is having a flea market sale starting right now and ending tomorrow (Tuesday, 1-25) at 1:00 PM Pacific!
I bought quite a bit of things over the weekend and I plan on taking all of it with me to photograph and hopefully add to the shop while I'm in MA.

For any new readers, here are the Flea Market Sale Particulars:

- From now until tomorrow (Tuesday, 1-25) at 1:00 PM Pacific send me a message with an offer price. I'll write you back and either accept that price or offer a different one. If you agree on that price then I'll reserve the Item for you!

- The only catch is that the item must be purchased and paid for by the end of the sale.

- Of course the golden rule of the flea market applies - the more you buy the more you save - so don't be shy and shop away!


Rosie said...

Brace yourself, hun. Its fricken freezing here.Congrats Auntie!

kendal croix. said...

that polka dot dress is just so pretty.

Love_Again said...

amazing stuff as usual.

X said...

Hi, I have dedicated a post to your site in my vintage collection:
Hope you like.

Cassidy said...

Have fun darling!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're gonna have (are having) an amazing time! Love the polka dot dress!

Camila F.

Marcheline said...

Congrats on the new nephew! Looking forward to pictures!

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