Wednesday, July 30, 2008



I can't possibly express my love for Pastis in words, so I won't even try... but - believe me, it's markings are pretty high in my book!

I don't have very many photos, it's always too crowded in there to take more then a few sneak attack shots - but here is a little bit of an idea just how dreamy this place is!


vallmovild said...

that place looks amazing!

loveology said...

Gorgeous! I love the lighning in the first picture and you look amazing (as you always do, and yes...i am serious!).

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog, it really means a lot. :)

Have a great day and weekend and hope to speak to you soon.

:) Mila.

Francesca said...

valmovild: it is! come to new york so you can visit the lafayette house and eat brunch at Pastis!

mila: thank you, thank you!! and your blog is insaaanely lovely! I'm having a hard time keeping myself from commenting on every post!!! you have such a good eye!!!

loveology said...

Hi Effie!

I wanted to say what you wrote in my comments about what you want to with your room sounds really nice and pretty!
I'd love to see the results on your blog, when it's finished!

Have a great weekend!


Unknown said...

Seems like a comfy place! I love the lightning, too.

P.S. I'm still waiting for your tips on where to shop and visit in Boston. :)


Madison said...

hey effie,
Im back, I think...
sorry I went away. I've still been regularly reading your blog. Well I hope you forgive me.
Virginia Blue
ps. your yellow dress was perfect.

Penny said...

I am so jealous of all the wonderful places where you live. I think I might move there forever!

marie said...

Hi !!
If you love this place, You need to come and visit Paris (if you haven't already!), because this place "Pastis" looks very familiar to me...and to all the neighbourhoods...

Marie (from Paris France)

Fashion Serial Killer said...

wow so pretty. Love it!

diuxi said...

Pastis is one of the few places i can stand in the meatpacking district these days... yes, frequently packed. go on the weekday or for lunch... which i guess is easy for me to say. or try breakfast at Balthazar or happy hour at Schiller's for that same lazy Paris afternoon vibe... all the same owner.

love the bag btw.

à bientôt


our little love nest said...

Lovely jealous!
Dee :)

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