Sunday, August 3, 2008

new room

This weekend I've been busy with painting, cleaning, and re-decorating!
I switched bedrooms, (Ill be using my old bedroom as a glorified closet/workspace!) So I've been hard at work to create the same cozy atmosphere of the old room, minus the clutter. The old bedroom was wonderful, but it would get messy even if I sneezed! I've been listening to Vashti Bunyan all afternoon and I think I'm going to take a blueberry break soon because this room is definitely coming along, but nowhere near finishd. I haave some things on hold until I can find time to visit a few flea markets. I need to find some big lacey pieces for the window treatments and the little tent/canopy thing I want to build over the bed. (Kind of like this)


Annalise said...

It looks absolutely amazing! I love the vanity and all your little trinkets.

Sarah-Lou said...

Ooooh I really love the way you've decorated your room! It's so delicate and so elegant - really inspiring...
I also wanted to say thank you for looking for the dress of my dreams when I came too late to buy the one that was in your shop - anyway I've received all the messages you sent to me and I'm very grateful to you for spending time looking after it!
I've just opened my own blog - (I had the idea after reading yours).
Come and see me when you have time!

Merily said...

Your room is perfect. I love all the small details that make it so elegant and cosy.


It's beautiful! I love it! I miss having a room to decorate. I'm an RA at the University of Cincinnati so I get a free room to stay in while I keep watch over the kiddies on my floor/in the building and I have to move in three weeks early for training. I think I'll use that time to turn my drab, white, 4x4 box into something spectacular.

I'm inspired by your marvelous room!

P.s. I'm jealous you'll have a room to use as a closet. Does it get much better??

loveology said...

SOOOOO very beautfiful!
I absolutely am in love with your room, it looks very sweet and cosy.

Thanks so much for sharing, it's very inspiring.

Have a great week, dear!!

:) Mila.

indigorchid said...

I love the frames on the wall, they are fantastic!

Closet Shots said...

okay now you have no excuses for not inviting me over to see your lovely housee!!


Unknown said...

Oh my! I love the decor of your room, its like a dream in a way. The vanity and those picture frames are just perfect. The whole stacked up suitcases are wonderful. You, Effie, should become one of those room decoraters. :) But what really cuts the cakes is all those trinkets and knick-knacks on the vanity. I don't think I could get a my room as clean as yours. :)

Smaggle said...

Oh what a lovely room! It's very you.

Eyeliah said...

I used to have a canopy bed, love them! That would look lovely.


gosh, i love your new room.. its quirky, 'vintagy' and cosy!

K. said...

Where did you get your vanity?

christina said...

Loving the way you're decorating so far! It's great!

vallmovild said...

oo, Vashti and blueberry break, wonderful! your new room is so beautiful. I love the old suitcases, and the mirrors, and the frames and everything else about the room. I would love to live there!

(can you come and decorate my room, please!)

Kennedy said...

well done! i wish i had a style eye like you, i swear you can turn anything around you beautiful.

Francesca said...

annabananacupcake: thank you so much! the vanity was my grandmother's so it's nice to have it here!

lou: oh, don't even worry about a thing! I might have been way off with those dresses - but I was looking for some summer dresses for myself and kept on seeing those pastel stripes! And I'm honored that you started up a blog! I can't wait to keep up!!

mimi: thanks so much for saying that! it's exactly what I was going for but I don't think I've quite acheived it yet.

donotdrinkme: oh, dorm room life can be rough! Do RA's have larger rooms in your school? At the University of Vermont they always had double rooms as singles and I was so jealous! Good luck with decorating, I hope it'll turn out perfect!! Oh, and having a separate room for a closet is going to be my dream come true!

mila: thank you!! there's definitely more where that came from, but it might be a little while until everything fits together exactly how I want it to.

indigorchild: thank you!! the frames have my grandmother's old sewing machine samples in them! I found them all in the sewing bench which I use for the vanity seat.

emma: soon!

kathleen: I would love to be an interior designer, or better yet - a set designer for period films!! and trust me, my room being this clean may be a first in 22 years!!

hailey: you're soo lucky! I've always wanted one... hopefully I can rig something up to make that dream come true!!

k. : my vanity is actually from my grandmother's sewing room. I was lucky enough to take it!

vallmovild: I would looove to decorate your room! I can only imagine the lovely findings you have over there!

kennedy: that's wayy to sweet of you! That means a lot coming from a girl with such a good eye herself! PS I think I know some people who know you in real life!!

Stephanie said...

Your room looks lovely. I especially like your vanity table.
Love your blog.

emily said...

Your bedroom is so incredibly beautiful! I find it really hard to achieve this level of girlieness, as I have to share it with a boy- I'm so jealous, almost makes me wish I was single!


Kennedy said...

I used to live in Boston while I was going to college (Emerson), so I bet we do know a lot of the same people. This guy Shane I knew from The Museum School actually introduced me to your pictures on wardrobe remix and I've been lurking your blog ever since. Well hopefully sometime soon after I get to New York our paths will cross in real life!

Stitches & Threads said...

Love the room and love Vashti Bunyan - she is a legend.

Unknown said...

i have one of those old rulers too! i've been wanting to hang it up for ages, but my man paints it into still lifes all the time. i found your blog from flickr. . . hello fellow w_r er.

meena meena said...

ive been fantasizing about what my place will look like when i move out, and these pictures make me equally jealous and inspired.

::::Lula Boutique:::: said...

Ooh....I just LOVE it!!!! Beautiful vanity too! :)

MM said...

i love the style of your room

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