Wednesday, July 2, 2008

los angeles, part 2

The Getty

(1940's rayon dress: Bobby From Boston. Suede shoes: Re-Mix Vintage.)

On our last day in LA we went to The Getty. I'd heard lots of talk about this place before we even thought about going to California, so I was so excited to spend an afternoon roaming around!

Beth had told me an adorable story about wind gusts and dresses, but I thought I'd be safe with this one... boy, oh boy was I wrong!! All afternoon I was clutching my dress for dear life!!

fair warning!

Besides the near indecency - the museum was wonderful! I think I could have spent my entire afternoon staring out at the view and wandering around the gardens and exhibits. They leave parasols out for visitors to use while walking about, which I thought was really thoughtful!

My favorite exhibit was Women of Art and Science. I wanted to set up a little art heist before leaving for Massachusetts and steal all of her work so I could put it on my bedroom walls! .. Instead I just bought some postcards.... (I wish these were the postcards, but I just found these images on the Getty's website)

The August Sander: People of the Twentieth Century exhibit was incredible too... We took home a book, but those images are for another post!

PS I've been waiting and waiting to do the Traveling Shirt post until I have photoshop on my computer, hopefully just a few more days!!


christina said...

Oh the Getty is the best museum to be at!! Their special exhibits never fail to please. Last year the had the real honest-to-goodness Manet's "Bar at the Folies-Bergere", and two years ago a special collection of Rembrandt's portraits.

I'm also a firm believer of the fact that the Getty's green has the best and softest grass in southern California.

Lydia said...

The print on this dress is divine, I love this.
You got to have your own little Marilyn moment!

July Stars said...

The shoes are so sweet! I love them ...

Sally Jane Vintage said...

I adore those illustrations. I've always had a soft spot for vintage field drawings (my tattoo is even based on one).

Emily Rose said...

very lovely art work. and that photo of you clutching your dress from the wind is perfect.
and the traveling skirt, wonderful! i loved beth's idea for the shirt. every item of clothing should get the chance to travel.

Kirrily said...

I love this post.

Danielle said...

oh, the whole "wind vs. dress"-matter.. tell me about it.
denmark (where i live) is totally flat. and always windy. so i often thought of sewing something heavy at the bottom of the skirt.. hm.

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