Monday, May 31, 2010

Start of Summer Flea Market Sale !

i miss the summer

Hi everyone!
Here is a little schedule for how things will be running over at my etsy shop for the next 2 months or so ... Which seems like a long time in advance, but time is moving along so quickly lately!

I'm planning a long trip to New England at the end of June and I'll be there until probably late July. During that time the shop will be in vacation mode (I'd love to be able to keep it open but there's too many family things going on it'd be impossible for me to keep up!) so I want to make sure everything has found a home with someone before I leave. (I'll be bringing back new findings and there's not enough space in my tiny apartment for everything!!)

Leaving for almost a month means lots of planning and loose ends to tie up in San Francisco (plus I'm taking Westley with me and I've never flown with a dog before) so to make sure I don't have too much etsy shop stress before I leave I'm going to start now by having a flea market sale!

. . .

- From now until Thursday evening at 6:00 PM Pacific everything is up for grabs. Please understand that there are a few things that I can't budge toooo much on... But, I do want to make sure mostly everything is gone by Thursday!

- Pick your fancy from my shop and send me a message with an offer price. I'll write you back and either accept that price or offer a different one. If you agree on that price then I'll reserve the Item for you!

- Since I'm running the sale for almost a week, the only catch is that I'll be offering only a 24 hour reserve period for the item(s). So it has to be purchased and paid for within 24 hours otherwise it'll go back up for grabs.

- And of course the golden rule of the flea market applies - the more you buy the more you save - so don't be shy and shop away!
. . .

Then on Friday I'll be adding some of my own printed cotton summer dresses to the shop and then Alameda flea market loot will be added sometime after June 9th/10th.

Phew! Ok! Hope everyone is enjoying this long weekend!


Unknown said...

Checking it out now - fingers crossed that I find something.


Anonymous said...

Looks exciting - I'll have to take a look! Have a wonderful holiday!


Call me an airhead but... i cant seem to find the link to your etsy shop! help! that stuff looks really cute...

the snail and the cyclops said...

Thanks gals!!

And Sleepy Darlings - Thanks for catching that! I usually add a link into the post but I forgot!
In case, here it is again:

MarieBayArea said...

have a lovely holiday. do you have a link to your etsy shop?

Carys said...

I love that photo!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

kater said...

Aww! Crossing my fingers everything goes for you! We're planning some trips for the next few months, if our paths cross (originally I typed a very weird combination of those two words) we should have a meetup!

Unknown said...

What a great opportunity! I hope you have fun in New England! Really looking forward to your new finds :D

Unknown said...

it sure is great being organised!

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