Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lafayette House photos


I added a whole slew of photos from the Lafayette House to my flickr. I was going to do a blog post but my eyes are sleepy and I can't focus correctly!


Maya said...

Those photos are so lovely :] One day I would like to go here, it's very cute.

Hannah Bee said...

So beautiful!

Penny said...

What a beautiful place!
I'm a sucker for velvet furniture!

Eyeliah said...

Wow, glad you added more photos.

Francesca said...

-lani-artrabbist-ish- it's a wonderfully cute place, you should defintely go if you're ever in New York!

vintage vinyl: I know, it broke my heart to leave!

penny: me too! and velvet wallpaper too! hehe

hailey: thanks!

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