Wednesday, July 16, 2008

indiearts fest!

Attention all New Englanders! This Saturday Alice and I will be hawkin' our stuff at the INDIEARTS FEST in Providence, RI! I'm excited! The flyer looks awesome! And it's my first outdoor flea market!! It's also put on by the lovely folks of What Cheer? Brigade and well, they are insaaanely fun to see live! especially when they play the tetris theme song! (except I don't know if they're actually playing on Saturday or not...)

Just to let everyone know - I'm not going to be taking any of the nicer clothing pieces I have... I don't want anything to get ruined by Miss Fickle Mother Nature (40's crepe dresses and sudden downpours make me nervous!) So I'll be selling a lot of 'as is' dresses that may need some sewing work or have some stains here and there but are totally still wearable! I'll be selling things at cheapie thrift store prices too because I don't want to take anything home with me after the market! My room is unbearable with things waiting to go on etsy and all the other clutter I can't part with yet - so please, come take this stuff off my hands!!!

PS I'm most excited for the best facial hair competition! I might have to find the winner and have my picture taken with him!


Sara said...

i just saw you in the new bust!!!!

jessica ann said...

that looks so lovely, i wish i could go :(

Francesca said...

fig: I just saw it! Tara did such a great job with the entire article! I've been reading that magazine since high school, it's so crazy and awesome to actually be part of it!!!

vallmovild said...

I would come and take all your stuff of your hands if I could. It breaks my heart that I can't!

Punky said...

I wanted to go to this so bad, But we are spending the weekend down the cape.
Sad face.

xo, tara said...

OMG! i am so insanely jealous! i so wish i could go to this! and um, please pick me up a bearded hunk please. xo

Penny said...

Oh I wish they had something like that in London, well, they probably do I just don't know about it!!
Please get a picture of the best facial hair!! haha

Kirrily said...

'I might have to find the winner and have my picture taken with him!'
YES! Please do. :D

Emily Rose said...

aw, that same day im going to be at the siren music fest in coney island,otherwise id take a roadtrip to visit you at your booth!and that best facial hair contest makes me wish i had some to compeat with!

Anonymous said...

Oh, bother. I really would go, were I not still in California.

Some day, I swear, I will get something!

Francesca said...

vallmovild: oh, I wish you could too! But you have so many adorable things!!

punky: the cape sounds so nice!! I wish I could be there right now!

xo, tara: i was on the lookout for your bearded soul mate, but I only met a 17 year old lemonade stand boy... he was nice though!

penny and kirrily: I looked and looked, but I could NOT find him!

Lady Fur said...

♡I love it so much!!!!!!!
from your follower! ♡
With love Little Sable

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