Friday, July 4, 2008

etsy procrastination

Sometimes I buy dresses for the store and then once I put them on I can't let them go. This is one of them!

Speaking of the store... and dresses- I have a whole lot to do right now for this etsy update I'm trying to do's been gray and wet all day and instead of working on taking photos for the update I fixed that coy fish romper and rode bicycles to the South End for lunch, then to the farmer's market in Copley Square to visit Alice. I brought home strawberry rhubarb jam, two bouquets of flowers and some strawberries. All very nice things to procrastinate with.

Okay, okay - I'm going to start ironing!


emily said...

oh gosh, that dress is GORGEOUS! i can see why you want to keep it!

colette rose said...

wow...your blog is amazing.
bless you

Ashleigh said...

love going to the market to pick up a nice bunch of flowers- def makes my morning!

Jimena said...

That is one beautiful dress. I don't think I could let it go if I were you.

.girl ferment. said...

that dress would be hard to put up for sale, it is great.

Teresa @ good-grace said...

omg... that dress is gorgeous!!!

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