Wednesday, October 13, 2010

1385 Flea Market Sale

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I've been sqaubbling my pennies away on silly things. So silly I really can't even figure out where those pennies are going. I think I've been eating too many chocolate covered gummy bears in combination with fancy macarons from Bouchon Bakery or something... BUT, the time has come for me to think about flying back to the East Coast - buying plane tickets is always so depressing for the piggy bank, especially when you're flying around the holidays. So, I'm having a flea market sale. Everything in the shop is up for grabs via 'make an offer' reasoning until Saturday evening. Things in there are already pretty darn cheap so that means they can only get cheaper!

Here are the same 'ol particulars,

- From now until Saturday evening at 7:00 PM Pacific send me a message with an offer price. I'll write you back and either accept that price or offer a different one. If you agree on that price then I'll reserve the Item for you!

- The only catch is that I'll be offering only a 24 hour reserve period for the item(s). So it has to be purchased and paid for within 24 hours otherwise it'll go back up for grabs.

- Of course the golden rule of the flea market applies - the more you buy the more you save - so don't be shy and shop away!


Monique said...

I love that lace dress, I'd totally wear it for my upcoming wedding if I could squeeze into it.

Good luck saving your pennies.

Detailing Life said...

Just wanted to say hi, looked in for the first time today and wasn't disappointed at all! You have a lovely blog, and I'd love to grab me almost all of your pretty little finds.. Sigh. My pennies seem to have moved out of my purse too, you think they're all going somewhere together?

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