Thursday, September 2, 2010

Flea Market Sale

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Having a little weekend flea market sale for everything in my shop! Starting now - please feel free to email me offers on anything your heart desires. There's only a few dresses in there that I might not budge too much on, but otherwise I want to re-stock the store with new things!

Here are the particulars,

- From now until Saturday evening at 7:00 PM Pacific send me a message with an offer price. I'll write you back and either accept that price or offer a different one. If you agree on that price then I'll reserve the Item for you!

- The only catch is that I'll be offering only a 24 hour reserve period for the item(s). So it has to be purchased and paid for within 24 hours otherwise it'll go back up for grabs.

- I hope to add a few new pieces over the next few days, so unfortunately the sale doesn't apply to new items.

- But of course the golden rule of the flea market applies - the more you buy the more you save - so don't be shy and shop away!


Anonymous said...

You have really adorable clothing, however I can't fit into anything! If you were able to find and sell size large clothing, I would buy it in a heartbeat

Claire Nouveau said...

you really do find the most beautiful things!
and for the life of me i can't remember the name of that vintage store on hyde, and it's been bugging me ever since i started that post! i tried googling it and nothing, i wonder if it's still there? i remember it being really expensive (at least for me at the time, 2004-ish - and really broke!) when i think of it i will be sure to let you know...:)

kathy said...

Oh, i am really tempted by some of these!

Oh and yes it was La Rosa- i am so bad with names (i really need to write things down to remeber them!) I'm sure it was Phoebe who was working there, she had the most amazing jacket on. It must have been great working there, although also really difficult to resist the temptation to spend your whole pay cheque in there! And i loved San Francisco so much, so hopefully i will be able to arrange to visit again soon. xx

Caroline said...

Wow!! I love all of it!! And that mint dress is by far my favorite. Hugs!

Briana Teresa said...

Cute blog and cute clothes! If I had money right now I'd buy up everything in a heart beat. But for now, I'm just content with looking through your interesting blog. So happy I came across it today!!

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