Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Frolie Grasshopper Circus

I had another post in the works for today - but I decided the pictures wouldn't do... So, instead - double book days! Apologies for two days in a row of book matter!

The Frolie Grasshopper Circus was a little booklet put out by the Quaker Oats Company in 1898. I tried to do a bit of research on the booklet - grasshoppers doing circus tricks seems a strange match for oat meal - I'm really curious to learn a little more on the symbolism behind precariously balanced oat meal boxes on insect legs. But, I think it's just simple proof that the prizes in breakfast food boxes were 100x cooler then they are now. (If they even have prizes now?)

The booklet is strange, somewhat creepy but completely beautiful to me. The muted colors and pretty details of the grasshoppers. The subtle circus backdrops. Even the wretched beasts that be grain moths are looking good. I can't however, make any excuses for the creepy feelings that the clowns give me ... It's just those faces!

Anyway, without further ado - I present to you, The Frolie Grasshopper Circus:














Caroline said...

I agree about the beauty of these illustrations. Strange yet beautiful!!

Monte Amelia said...

That's really neat! I love the little grasshoppers balancing on each others legs.

Unknown said...

This is so Bizarre, I love it! :)

andrea said...

Your book posts are always so inspirational...thank you!

KAH said...

What a charming book! Not only was the illustrator a very skilled draftsman (or -woman), but also had a great sense of humor. Thanks so much for sharing!

Sara said...

This old books are very beautiful. Though, I confess I prefer your fashion-related posts. Your outfit photos are always so lovely.

the snail and the cyclops said...

Caroline, Monte Amelia, Kelly-Marie, Andrea, Kelly - thanks for all the sweetness on this particular post. It means more then you can imagine. I know these images might not be for everyone - but i really appreciate those of you who get it!

Sara - It's nice of you to be so kind about my outfit posts, but a lot of those pictures wouldn't exist without the inspiration I get from other areas besides modern/vintage fashion. For me, it's specifically old books and antique junk. Maybe it's wearing an old millinery flower in my hair that resembles one from a Victorian horticulture book - or dressing in pale muted circus grasshopper tones.... The less obvious sources of beauty are the most important ones.

reckless daughter said...

very odd! I agree. but special none the less.

I've often wondered why packaging has become so awful when it used to be incredible.

Annalise said...

I love this style of art. Funny that it reminds me a bit of the animated film "A Bug's Life" with the bug circus and all. You always know where to find the most amazing images. Thanks for sharing!

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