Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hearst Castle, take 2

Well, I decided that the majority of the digital photos I took at Hearst Castle weren't as nice as the film ones, or there were folks from our tour getting in the shot, or maybe it was from a weird angle -so, I've uploaded a few to my flickr account, and decided the photos from the kitchen were the only ones blog worthy.

Heast Castle - Kitchen

Heast Castle - Kitchen

Heast Castle - Kitchen

Heast Castle - Kitchen

I think the kitchen is probably the most under-rated room in the castle... Even though it's gigantic (way bigger then my entire apartment), it's just beautiful in a simple, more humble way then the rest of the over the top lavish house. Lots of nice washed out whites and other pale muted colors... Also, a silly, only somewhat related fact - Hearst used to keep the hard liquor locked up in a big black safe - but you could get beer on tap any time of the day?!


Rosie said...

Very, very cool. I need to visit this place, it seems straight out of a film!

{ CopyStrands } said...

It's been fun to see your photos from your Hearst Castle tour. I remember vividly touring this castle years ago. I'll never forget the awesome swimming pools and the drive up to the castle. The tour guide told me that William Randolph Hearst never finished anything in his life including his famed mansion that people tour today.

roberta jane said...

Although I grew up between Southern California and San Francisco, I only just made it to Hearst Castle last summer. It's such an amazingly beautiful place. Just imagine what it would have been like in it's hay day!

Julianna said...

Are those little bird spigot handles? fantastic!

Kellie said...

I don't think I ever got to go in the kitchen at Hearst, or if I did, I just can't remember it. But it looks so nice! :)


Justine (TinyTines.com) said...

Oh god, I miss California. All of it! I went there about 10 years ago...feels like yesterday.

the spectator said...

Aren't those bird handles on the kitchen taps beautiful?

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