Sunday, April 20, 2008


This blog has been in hibernation for approximately nine months.
That's awful..

Reasons I ditched out of internet land:
1. My computer was busted and in a deep sleep for 5 months
2. My digital camera was simultaneously lost in between the space where my bed meets the wall
3. Now that both things are back in action, I've been trying to find some sort of balance in between internet time/real life time.. which I feel silly for saying, but the world wide web suuuucks me in!

But, since the weather is warmer and I'm slowly shaking myself from the anti-social/slug-like state that winter in New England causes, I feel like keeping a photo blog of findings and adventures would be a good thing.

Oh, and also - there's the store .....
Owning a little shop has been something I've always wanted to do, and I certainly have enough retail experience behind me. So, here you have Thirteen Eighty-Five. (which comes from a really special place where I spent most of my childhood days playing dress up in old clothes and rummaging through boxes of knick knacks from decades past)

This thing is going to start out slow. There's Mass Market on May 4 at Mass Art - a flea market for hand-mades, records, and vintage clothes. And etsy/ebay practice as well. I realize how over-saturated these websites are with vintage wears, but - a girl's gotta start somewhere.

So today I've been wiggling around my room - listening to a mix cd I made for Rhiannon (which will be in the mail monday!!) and cleaning and organizing and going through all the clothes to sell at the flea market ... and boy, I've got a lot.


A proper update regarding the flea market (and photos of dresses to be sold) to come!!


L said...

Is that a rabbit I see on the wall? I like it very much!

Looking very forward to your next update! Best of luck to your new venture, I am sure you shall succeed splendidly.

Vappu said...

Your shop will be really great :)

Lily said...

yay for your return! and for your shop! (i've always dreamed of having one)

Smaggle said...

Oh hell yes! I so didn't know you have a blog! I'm a wardrobe re-mixer and I freakin love your style!

Francesca said...

thanks so much for the encouragement! I'm still trying to figure out blogger, so hopefully this site will look better and better!

leslie: no, unfortunately no rabbits on my wall, mice!

s.i. michaels said...

I can never understand how I can sit down to check email and not get up for 1.5 hours. It really is insane and a hard thing to juggle sometimes.

Francesca said...

ambika: yes, definitely! this is exactly what I'm talking - time disappears on the internet!

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