Friday, April 25, 2008

11:00 PM

This is some sort of miracle, 11:00 PM and I'm still awake. I generally keep early hours, but I had coffee at dinner tonight and what do you know, no yawns!

I was looking at this book I have and I decided I should share some images. One of my best friends is getting little mice tattooed on his arm, and I found some great images for him of mice wearing waistcoats and floating through the air with umbrellas in hand. I think this is the only children's book I've bought at a thrift store and haven't ripped to shreds for some sort of art project... it's just too good! The entire book is filled to the brim with lovely animals and adorable children. I swear, all the kids are so well dressed!

Like this little guy, and I love the way he's pointing at the turtle!

hair motivation: (little blondie, bottom left)

... more hair motivation. And that dress!

Does anyone remember what cartoon these characters are from? I used to watch it when I was little and I even had this little funny video game too. The pig holding the balloons looks the most familiar!


jamie cassell said...

Richard Scarry's Busytown. I'm actually getting the little worm in the apple-mobile tattooed on me at some point.

Katherine said...

those illustrations at the bottom are by richard scarry. i don't remember the show or video game, but the books are still around. in fact, i read my son one with that pig at bedtime tonight!

bestie said...

they are wonderful illustrations. i have a book that has some similar drawings and i always get imspired by the little kids' outfits!

liebemarlene wrote about the package you sent her and they're all so great! you both have such classic, impeccable tastes.(:

Lily said...

I love old children's books (enough to have a collection of nearly 100)

that one has some pretty neat illustrations <3

Anonymous said...

oh, I really love your flickr & your blog!!! so adorable!!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

I love the graphics in old books.. esp the old covers..

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