Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I don't like clothes

. . .
A certain someone once posted a handful of 1910's Home & Garden magazine covers to the internet and I still remember that blog post to this day. Pretty brunettes tending to their flower gardens in clothing that made it through the past 100 years looking easy and beautiful and exactly the kind of thing you'd want to wear. Along with the magazine covers was this caption: "I feel like someone looked into my heart and painted who i want to be these days."

I saw Dadu Shin's illustrations this morning on Rebecca's blog and it reminded me of Amy's post in that, now I can't get these girls out of my brain. Maybe it's the hair, maybe it's the clothing... But they've got me wanting a long, geometric print empire waist dress to wear, ASAP... (or maybe by Friday, please!)


amy merrick said...

Oh baby that is some vintage amymerrick emo blogging style. So sweet. So unjaded.

Sarah Dee said...

That second image perfectly depicts how I want to dress at this moment.

xoxo Sarah

Anonymous said...


I love your blog and gonna soon write an article about you on my own website (oxygenyourstyle.wordpress.com), for now It's my pleasure to give you this award:


Lots of love

magnoliastreet said...

Suddenly it feels like; i dont know how i ever survived a summer without the first dress.

xo, Kajsa

Anonymous said...

Love the drawings

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