Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tender Cuts

Tender Cuts

Tender Cuts

When I first started selling vintage I noticed that so many of the collectors/sellers I'd meet always dressed so simply... And usually always in modern clothing. I didn't understand why, but I think I get it now... You start to feel guilty keeping things for yourself - and the ones that you do hold onto feel too precious to wear. I feel like more and more I'm having a hard time finding clothing for myself - and the things that I wear each day tend to be so boring.

I bought these floral shorts almost a year ago from the sweet Emily Bryngelson's clothing line, Tender Cuts and it's been one of my best non-vintage purchases! I also bought the white/black long sleeve blouse too and I can't even tell you how many times it's gotten me out of an outfit pinch. I've been meaning to use both the blouse and shorts for proper pictures ... but I suppose these blurry photos taken a few weeks ago will have to do for now.

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Oh! And I'm back. Lazing about in bed with a scruffy white pup perfectly curled up to my right. I plan on spending my day packing up etsy orders and unpacking my suitcases. I'm feeling extra lazy though and any excuse to putz around on the computer whilst tucked under blankets is a-okay with me ... so I'm having two sales today!
The 1385 shop is 25% off from 11:00 AM Pacific until 5:00 PM Pacific!
And the Libris Lunaria shop will have $10 prints from today at 11:00 AM Pacific until tomorrow, same time!


olivia said...

i'm so the same way with vintage - i love the clothes, adore tracking them down and selling them, and yet rarely end up wearing any. i think i project the styles i wish i could wear but don't have the confidence to via my etsy shop. i spend 90% of my time in jeans and yet fawn over girly dresses like crazy. the few i do "keep" end up collecting dust in my closet until i finally decide to sell them. i like to think that my taste is reflected through the clothing i choose to sell and not just the clothing i wear!

Minx's Den said...

LOVE THE FLORAL SHORTS!!!!! got some vintage fabric similar to that! :)

A Little Brighter said...

I know exactly what you mean about feeling guilty keeping stuff! I often think though that I do have to wear clothes so it's okay to keep a few things (plus I usually nab the stuff that has stains or holes for myself) This outfit is adorable, so simple and lovely!

Ayesha x

Phara said...

This outfit is indeed simple, but so amazing. Love floral shorts. It's true, simple can be better.

Amber said...

I think your outfit is simply adorable

Dakota said...

I love those shorts!! They're so cute.
And oh gosh, I tried to empty out my overflowing closets (yes, plural) of vintage on etsy, but I just couldn't give any of the good stuff up. I really admire all you vintage sellers-- it's not an easy job! As it is, I hardly ever wear modern clothes, but I should change that as I'm always anxious about ruining my old stuff too.

Away with the fairy's said...

so beautiful!

Kellie said...

One of the reasons my Etsy shop never took off was because I ended up keeping everything I originally planned to put up for sale, and then I felt so guilty! I guess I'm just not cut out to sell vintage, ha!
Love the floral shorts, they're really pretty!

Lexie said...

when you keep things but don't wear them -- i guess you become a true collector!

Samantha said...

I love this outfit, the shorts are super cute and the blouse is so pretty - they go really well together :) although you've made me long for summer already, theres so much snow where I am!

Casey Maura said...

I love those shorts so, so much! (Even though I'm pretty sick of summer clothes right now; but that could be because I've been experiencing summer weather since March! ;) Just goes to remind me that I never did cross off "floral shorts" from my summer sewing list... Maybe next year?

♥ Casey | blog

lauren said...

you are so on to something here. before i started my shop i dressed much more creatively. i do feel guilty keeping things now and i do feel like i keep more valuable or at least delicate/fragile things and never wear them. my outfits are more simple now than ever in my life, so true!

blouse said...

oh man. i want to keep everything too. but the guilt! haha! i have just a few things i rotate. i find my friends always telling me "oh you should keep that!" but...i never do.

i adore your your non-vintage outfit though. it looks like it could be vintage!


Tab said...

I started to follow your blog several weeks ago, and I'm absolutely enthralled. I've never seen someone's style shed as much passion and sincerity through an era than yours does. You are darling!

I ran into an artist online and thought of you when I saw her work.
Maybe you're already familiar with her, but I thought I would send you the link just in case:

kathy said...

These are so pretty.

I wish i felt more guilty about keeping things, my etsy and ebay are a bit short of updates at the moment, i've been hanging onto everything good i've found! x

Tess, That'll Do said...

I'm not a vintage seller, but I'm guilty of wearing simple clothing... all of the time. Haha. I dress up for special occasions, but otherwise I feel best in t-shirts and jeans and maybe some plaid.

I'm in the opposite boat! I'm getting ready to pack, and I feel like a chicken with no head.

Oh, you're beautiful as always. Simple outfit or no.

Unknown said...

The light in those photos is a light that carries memories...
Making art in our daily life is work always in progress..To be dressed always in a way that really expresses our soul every moment..Not easy..

I would really love to offer you a cup of pure mountain tea at my bloghouse.Come I have a vintage sunglasses giveaway also.


Anonymous said...

Ditto on the vintage - I adore it, and buy it for others, but almost never wear it myself.
I actually love these photos. They have this dreamy quality to them, and your shorts are adorable:)

Rebecca Jane said...

Those shorts are beauties!

Kayla said...

you're adorable in your non-vintage outfit



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