Tuesday, December 15, 2009

1385 on the Full Time

to sell

I'll be focusing a lot more of my attention on 1385 over the next month. This is exciting, but frustrating because the light is so terrible in here! It was especially hard today because the Christmas tree blocked out so much light through the windows - but that's all different now... the tree has been re-located and in its place, a much needed and long awaited couch!

Anyway! This is a little pile of things (more or less) I managed to list today. There's certainly more for tomorrow, if I can manage to tackle my to do list, pack for a long weekend wedding trip to New England, and clean/re-arrange the apartment before flitzing off for almost a week!

(oh! as far as shipping goes - don't fret! If you order something I'm going to have everything bundled and ready to go before hand and I will have my lovely elf take it to the post office for me!)


Jessica said...

I hear you on the lighting issue. I've moved areas so many times in search of that "perfect room". I found it at my parents' house only to have the last two weekends filled with cloudiness... in ARIZONA! It's never cloudy here! Ha! My light will come soon I hope :)



Casey said...

Oh--they look like such darling things!!! :) I always love seeing what you find to list.

Anyway, I completely sympathize with the lighting problems! Even though I live in the "sunshine state", the way the apartment is situated and the color the walls are painted (which we can't do anything about), cast weird shadows over a lot of my photos. :p It's really frustrating! I guess I eventually need to break down and buy a lighting kit... haha.

♥ Casey
blog | elegantmusings.com

Harbor District Vintage said...

that brown coat is too cute.

Ann said...

I just found your page from Casey's. I love, love, love the name of your blog!

Rebecca said...

Your dress is so sweet and I love the green trim around the door! So unusual.

Amy P. said...

I can't wait to see what's going into the shop!

Lighting can be so fickle.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Love the colors in this photo.

Kellie said...

The lighting in my apartment is awful! I can never take decent pictures.
Your dress is so cute! :)


Jessica said...

i really love that dress you're wearing! i can't wait to see what's in your shop!

i totally understand the lighting issue... the light in my house is awful!

The Cat and The Cow said...

What lovely items! Your dress is darling as well! And I just adore the color of your walls

Monte Amelia said...

I love that jacket! And how do you always look like a perfection?

Libertad said...

I hope I coul see all those cute thing into the shop too, because for what I'm seeing here... it rocks!

Taylor Barrett said...


- the clothing project


Anonymous said...

that dress is just gorgeous, i hope you have a good trip! x

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

love the name of your blog -- it's so unique!

see yah around!

-- Gizelle

Jen Hsieh said...

1385 is so darling :) and i adore the dress you're wearing in thhat picture, it fits you well.
now following!

The Body Electric said...

As always everything is perfect!!! I was wondering though (as someone on the verge of opening an etsy shop) Have you switched completely to Cartel? If so, why? Just wondering which one I should go with.

Thanks for the exquisite posts and loveliness.

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