Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jean Painlevé

If you're not familiar with the work of Jean Painlevé, well - you're missing out! He stole my heart officially after reading Science is Fiction ... (his wife helped build a lot of the camera equipment .. what a team!!!) which prompted me to purchase the British Film Institute's release of his films, but converting ones computer back and forth to watch international dvd's is only a three time thing. So, thank heavens the folks at Criterion put out a two disc release recently!! I bought it for myself and I keep it in my computer at all times, you know - just in case.

Now, go! Run! Get yourself a copy!!! I promise it's worth every single penny!!!

PS They used to make seahorse jewelry which was sold in Parisian department stores back in the 30s ... can I just say finding a piece would be the find of all finds?!?!

PPS This may seem somewhat random of a post, but - I was wrapping some packages and listening to the Yo La Tengo score they did for some of his films - and then I realized I better share !!! Appropriately enough - "The Sea Horse" song is my favorite!


Lacey Starr said...

How random. Two nights ago I was having a drink and a bite to eat at a local bar and they had these films running with the captions. I watched the ones about pigeons and octopi. I really wish I could have seen the one about seahorses as I have a special thing for them (kinda of an in joke with my husband)

Amy P. said...

I think seahorses are so interesting and very magical.

That note about Yo La Tengo was pretty hilarious to me...

Two and a Half Ribbons said...

My goodness! Jean Painlevé! I study film in Trinity College Dublin and am a MAJOR film nerd, have always loved his nature documentaries. I love Le Vampir with the little splices of Nosferatu, they're really graphic too, it's interesting to see what was allowed, king of like watching pre-code Hollywood but in the arthouse version... I'm rambling, but I just got so excited when I saw the header!

Jessica said...

His stuff is so so wonderful and amazing!!! The seahorses really are the cutest and good golly there's something so dreamy about his films...Such a perfect post; you're the greatest!!!


mAry mARy said...

Hi there!!
I can go to "le Louvre des Antiquaires" in Paris, and ask if they heard about this sea horse jewlery, if you want!

Anyway, I'll always have an eye on sea horses now that I know you dream about it!


Sasha Fay said...

Heh, it's funny, I just came across his films a week ago and posted the same little film on my blog. It's so magical, sometimes the seahorses don't even look real! And seahorse jewelry would indeed be gorgeous.

Oh, and beautiful blog by the way.


Gina said...

What a lovely post on your pretty little blog! And how timely. I just returned from an undersea treasure-seeking/photography adventure, in which I acquainted myself with many gorgeous seahorses! It took a good deal of restraint and ladylike composure to not pet them, or at least offer them my fingers to wind about like little emerald rings!
Seahorse magic must be in the air: I just posted some of my seahorse friends at my blog, come visit!

Pretty Ditty said...

My 6 year old daughter and I just watched the video and she said "they speak with their tales." How cute!

Thanks for sharing =)

Anonymous said...

There happens to be one of his jewelry creations currently listed on ebay - The seahorse bracelet is fantastic.

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