Saturday, October 4, 2008

the arboretum

This morning instead of doing the zillion and one things I'm supposed to do for Baked Fresh I decided to go run around the Arboretum. It was totally worth it because it was a perfect fall morning. It seems like the first sunny day in a while. This week has been grey and dreary. I actually did go with a purpose, I went to try and find more of these funny things..

Which sadly aren't ready for plucking yet (once it gets cold and frozen I'll be in luck!) I don't know what type of plant they are, but I found them by one of the ponds and it's strange because they're dead at the ends, where it looks like the flower - but the stems are still green. I wonder what they look like when the flower is actually alive. Is anyone familiar?

On our way into the Arboretum we were greeted by these lovelies flowers and it seemed like everywhere we went the sun was peeking through the trees in just the right way and made all of our pictures look so pretty! I wish that sunny warm days like today would stay forever!

Heather from it 'aint me, babe tagged me to list my 4's - usually I'm atrocious with these things, but I'm still procrastinating....

4 things I did today:
- buy a fancy gold Fisher Space Pen at Bob Slate, the best 'ol timey stationary store in Cambridge
- Visit A Good Yarn in Brookline Village and pick up some soft grey tweed yarn to knit a scarf for my boyfriend
- Went to Cafe Society where I purchased some fabric for the canopy in my room and a cute little 50's pink and black metal stool that I plan on using tomorrow at the market
- Went to Anthropologie and purchased a new fall coat which I can't wait to wear tomorrow! Also, can I just say: Anythopologie, you make me so mad with your beautiful antique displays that I'll never have and share the same price tag as a new car!

4 things on my to do list:
- Get my act together for Baked Fresh, TOMORROW (it's 9:30 PM and I still have a LOT to do)
- Really and truly organize my bedroom and workspace and fill them both with pretty plants and terariums
- Send out all the packages that are waiting to be finished and sent to Meggy, Marcine, Rhiannon, and Kaori. Girls, once Baked Fresh is over I promise they'll be on their way!
- Visit New York and spend my gift certificate at Lyell

4 of my guiltiest pleasures:
- Eating candy right before bedtime
- Cleaning the little dirt things from dog's and cat's eyes (I know this is gross, but how else will they get out of there?)
- Terrible cheesy girl movies (ones with Meg Ryan are best)
- Sesame tofu and vegetable fried rice from my favorite neighborhood Chinese food place ... I'm eating it now actually!

4 random facts about me:
- My real name is Francesca! Effie came about a few years ago when a friend was introducing me and couldn't decide on what name/nickname to give. She rattled off all of the common nicknames my family and friends have given me along the years (Frankie, Frank, F-Checks, French, Frenchka etc. etc. etc.) and then we decided that I could go by anything that starts with the letter F and so - Effie was born!
- I have a little grey dot on my left knee from kneeling on a piece of mechanical pencil lead when I was little
- I grew up on Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg
- When I was in high school I started up my own little non-profit thrift store. I ran it on the weekends and sometimes after school! The best part was when the older ladies and gents would bring in donations! Always the best things!!!

4 bloggers that I am tagging:
Anyone who's up to it! Leave your answers in the comments, or post it in your blog!


Amelia said...

I love your dress. That picture with the sunflowers is wonderful.

Penny said...

haha! i do that to my cats eyes too! i always feel bad for them, and then feel better once i've helped them! they probably just get really annoyed with me sticking my finger in their eyes! haha

Emily Rose said...

omg. i have a little grey dot on my left knee too! i was cleaning my room walking around on my knees, i knelt on a pencil with my right knee and then moved my left and it went right into the tip. ouch! thats so funny that we share that though.

Anonymous said...

oo this is fun, I think I'll do it soon! and i love you've got mail hehe

Unknown said...

The outfit is gorgous! :)

You really started a non-profit thrift store? How did you do that? lol.

Suzy said...

I know how it feels to be the only one who will wipe an animals eye crust. People think it's sick, but you know your pet loves you for it. It's a very maternal touch.

I was just posting on this great vintage place and realized I totally pictured you in my head when I was thinking of someone who'd look great in this purple skirt I saw. Go to my blog, it's the Silver Moon post and I believe the first photo is of the skirt I'm talking about.

Wendy Banner said...

I love that outfit! :)

dw said...

i love the dress with the jacket. your pictures are all so dreamy!

(would you like to trade links? )

Sasi said...

I love your outfit and the pics you took!

Meaghan Kelly said...

aw cleaning goop out of cat/dog eyes is totally a strangely good feeling! haha my habit may possibly even beat yours because i like to use tootpicks to clean between my dogs teeth!

Lily said...

you look wonderful! love the little jacket
I have so much to do as well, but always find other pressing matters like sewing and sitting in the garden and giving the cats a cuddles (but not cleaning their eyes!), so will probably end up doing that survey thingy :)

esme and the laneway said...

I'm not sure what those flower things are, but they are pretty cool!

Dayna Desastre said...

your outfit is so so so cute
i have a pencil dot on my leg as well! I used to keep pencils in my pockets. one day my pocket broke while I was in class... I didn't notice and the pencil lead stabbed right into my knee for a good hour. oops!
i love sesame tofu as well... gosh tofu is yummy!

i answered the meme at my own blog ( :)


Charlotte said...

your outfit is truly pretty.

and i adore your new room.. can i be jealous?!!

lisa lind√łe said...

you look wonderful.

Wild Keiki said...

oh god.
I WANT to do something like that to the corners of my doors, with the dead flowers. super cool. And I'd give anything to be able to run through fields of flowers right about now.

Hope you are well!


H. Camerio said...

my husband grew up right near lake c.!!!

fiestacrafter said...

Your stems look like the empty seed pods from hibiscus syriacus, aka Rose of Sharon.

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